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CNC election is Saturday

Dear Editor,

 Election Day may be over, but Charlestown residents still have a chance to make their voices heard at the polls! Elections for the Charlestown Neighborhood Council (CNC) precinct seats will be held on Saturday, November 14th at the Charlestown Police Department, 55 Bunker Hill Street. Voting hours are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

 For those who are unfamiliar with the CNC, it serves as the officially elected representative body of Charlestown to the City of Boston. Essentially, it represents the interests of Charlestown within the city, and it deals with a number of issues that affect day-to-day life for residents. From public safety to transportation to development, the CNC has a hand in many essential functions of our community.

 I’m seeking to represent Precinct 4 on the CNC, and I hope that my neighbors will come out in support on Saturday. I’m an attorney and former 4th grade teacher, and I currently work at a non-profit organization focused on improving the education system in Massachusetts. As a former Boston Public Schools employee, I know our local schools and am well-versed in working with the Mayor’s office.

 I’m also deeply devoted to this community. I’m a religious education teacher and member of the Parish Pastoral Council at St. Mary-St. Catherine of Siena, and I also serve as Treasurer of the local Democratic Ward Committee. You’ll often see me out and about in the neighborhood, jogging through the Navy Yard or brushing up on my trivia skills (I’m a former Jeopardy contestant, so I can hold my own!). I plan to make this neighborhood my home for many years to come, and I’m committed to preserving the unique, vibrant community that we all know and love today.

 I look forward to casting a vote on Saturday in the CNC election, and I hope you’ll join me.


Laura Dziorny


Monument Square Halloween Parade 2015

Dear Editor:

The Thirtieth Annual Monument Square Halloween Parade on Saturday night on October 31, 2015, was an all-time record success!

Thank you goes to the generosity of residents at the Monument Square/Avenue area, The Training Field and surrounding streets, The National Park Service and the donors and supporters. We are grateful for the efforts of the tireless and creative display designer and the selfless volunteers who made it all happen,…and then they cleaned up! Halloween in Charlestown is a very special community event. It is a magical evening that unites the entire town.

Special Thanks go to: The National Park Service Superintendent Michael Creasey, Rangers Bill Foley and Dave Whittle and all the NPS staff for graciously partnering with us. The Monument Square, Monument Avenue, The Training Field and other residents for generously hosting the Parade. Michael Tognarelli who literally lit up our night and let us sing, by providing lights, a sound system and a generator. Dana and John Kirby who displayed ghosts and spiders webs, as well as assisted in planning.The First Church in Charlestown Erik Maloy, Sarah Maloy, Casey Maloy, Kayla Maloy, Marsha Maloy, Josh Rowley, James Karos, Micki Karos, Ashley Theriault and Rafael Chedid who decorated and distributed the necklaces and their popular popcorn with the collaboration with Winthrop Street Paul Clausen and Roberta McCarthy, Melanie Wachtell Stinnett and the team of volunteers: Terence & Joanna Bradshaw, and their kids Charlie and Ryan, Amanda & Jeff Zettel, Molly & Haven Ladd, and their kids Lilly, Henry, and Anson. Nathaniel Stinnett, and Rhett & Marcia Alden who decorated The Bunker Hill Monument stairs with jack o’lanterns and streamers that greeted the crowd, and placed the barricades to keep us safe. Charlestown Mothers Association who generously donated Balloonatics balloon arches that swayed over the thousands of trick-or-treaters who gathered to take pictures, and to receive their glow-in-the dark necklaces.  Christine Maher and Francesca Baker who assisted in the “30” Happy Halloween salute. City Councilor Ayanna Pressley who dynamically greeted the crowd. The talented Warren Prescott Choir led by Olivia Thompson, The energetic Boston Latin School Step Squad and A Cappella Tufts University sQ! who entertained the crowd with their remarkable performances.

Wizard Bruce Garr who kicked off the parade with his poem, and led the march of trick or treaters with the Tony Barrie Marching Band.  Ed Katz, Larry Rinaldi and Eric Philippi who festively lit up Monument Avenue with strings of lights and an illuminated “BOO!” and, The USS Constitution volunteers who set up and broke down displays with precision.

At the Training Field: Tom Coots and The Cooperative Bank’s finest “Haunted but Not Scary House” and blow ups, Doug Macdonald, Steve Macdonald, Patrick and Janet Sullivan and the masterful, committed and talented DM team delighted children and adults with the wonder of the remarkable blow ups and other spooky decorations, and then they cleaned up! George and Laurie Morton, with pirate first mates Jay Farraher and Trevor LaLibertie who built the creative “Charlestown Pirates Cove”, Linda Turner Stern, who created The Ghosts, which were a welcome addition, Whole Foods, who offered delicious and nutritious treats and a great display, Rosemary Kverek as Mother Goose, who delighted the children, Lynne “The Beautiful Glinda” and her husband Rick Enos, who created the popular The Wizard of Oz display with the help of the creative Sue Roche, Mark Swab, who masterfully made The Spider Web with a gigantic spider. Spindrift, who presented their new flavors of delicious juice drinks that quenched the thirst of the crowd. The Turn It Around Photobooth was a line-making attraction that made everyone smile. Disc Jockey Smokey Cain who rocked the trick or treaters to dance and groove. Janet Logan, Lou Slaughter and Dave Fortunado, who helped light The Training Field.  H. David Hennessey, Monument Square Treasurer and James Hauser, The Friends of The Training Field Treasurer who manage our finance,  Jennifer Emmaline as an illuminated living statue,  who mesmerized the crowd.

We appreciate the support of: The Honorable Mayor Martin J Walsh, State Senator Sal DiDomenico, City Councilman Sal LaMattina, The Monument Square Neighborhood Association, The Friends of The Training Field, Boston Police Department, The Boston Fire Department thrilled the trick or treaters at their engines and assisted in clean up. Boston Transportation Steve Pasacantilli who helped provide clear streets for the parade. The US Navy and USS Constitution, Charlestown Mothers Association, Charlestown Against Drugs, CHAD, Bright Horizons, Legal Seafood Oysteria, Massport, Boston Portfolio Properties, who provided event design and management, Danielle Valle Gilchrist, for transportation and operational logistics, Diversified Automotive, Bunker Hill Associates, Brewer’s Fork , Friends of TheCharlestown Navy Yard, The Navy Yard Bistro, Frank Celeste, Ross Photographer, Nicholas Pappas and Javier Caban, Jane Philippi, Kevin Joyce, Ivey St John and other generous donors who helped create this great Charlestown tradition.  Their cooperation and generosity has been overwhelming.

Halloween at Monument Square and The Training Field provides lifelong memories for Charlestown’s children, families, and friends.  We are grateful to all who participated.

Diane Valle

Halloween Event Chair

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