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Bomber should be executed

Dear Editor:

The Boston Marathon Bomber should be executed and the majority of Americans favor the death penalty for Tsarnaev..

 Who does self admitted “devoted pandering liberal” Karen Cordless Taylor think she is telling us that the sentence for the guilty Boston Marathon Bomber

(April 16, 2015 Patriot) should be life in prison.   I am sick and tired of her liberal rant and the Patriot Newspaper spouting the left wing liberal propaganda

 line on the major issues of the day.  The “Fox-TV screamers” have it right as usual which is why they are the leading cable news outlet in the USA..

 Contrary to the position of Taylor and the liberal mainstream media, life in prison will not guarantee closure because there will be appeals by Tsarnaev lawyers for years..

 The Muslim jihadist are already dancing in the streets and writing poems honoring terrorist Tsarnaev.   In no time the Muslim terrorists will ne negotiating

with terrorist sympathizer Obama for the release of captured Americans.  Taylor would probably agree with .such a prisoner exchange.

 Richard Burke

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