CNC to Hold Meeting on Shipyard Park

The CNC Development Committee will be hosting a meeting to discuss two separate BRA / City of Boston projects in the Navy Yard. The meeting will occur on June 27th at 7pm at Spaulding Hospital’s Community Room.

The City of Boston has proposed redevelopment of Parcel 5 (the pier directly in front of Spaulding’s Main Entrance) as an open space park and playground. The consultant doing design work on the parcel will be presenting the details of the design, which is expected to be completed in time for a fall construction start and a park opening late this year or early next year. The purpose of the meeting is to review the current design concepts and provide feedback to the City and their consultants.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has advanced the design of the Shipyard Park Water Play Feature intended to replace the now closed fountain location. The BRA has proposed three potential locations for the water play area, each directly adjacent to the existing playground, as an expansion of the playground area, away from the Korean Veteran’s Memorial. The BRA will be looking to discuss final location and design details in advance of completing the design work and starting construction.

Neighbors will have an opportunity to hear both presentations and ask questions regarding the design, construction and use of the two park spaces. This will be the last meeting on these two project’s before the design is finalized by the consultants.

Residents are encouraged to attend and participate in this dialogue.

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