Capuano Says No to Run for US Senate Seat

With Congressman Ed Markey leading the pack among Democrats vying for U.S. Senator John Kerry’s vacated seat, U.S. Congressman Michael Capuano announced Tuesday that he would not seek the democratic nomination for Massachusetts Senate.
Capuano, who lost the democratic nomination to Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley last time around to fill the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat, said he’d rather stay put in Congress this time around. Coakley ultimately lost the race to Republican Scott Brown. Brown was voted out during November’s Presidential Election and was replaced by Elizabeth Warren.

“After careful consideration, I have decided not to enter the race for US Senate,” said Capuano. “Instead, I look forward to focusing on the important issues facing the new Congress. My current work in the House and whatever opportunities the future may hold, afford me the greatest honor of my life, fighting for the Citizens of the Commonwealth.” Capuano did not say whether he would support Markey. The two have served in Congress together as part of the Boston delegation since Capuano was elected in 1998.


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