Menino to Deliver State of City Address on January 29

Mayor Thomas Menino is back and will deliver his annual State of the City address on Tuesday, January 29 at Faneuil Hall.

“I feel great,” said Menino in a phone interview on Tuesday. “I haven’t felt this good in a long time, I had all my tests done and the results are very positive and my doctors are very happy.”

Menino, who suffered a serious infection and subsequent back injury that landed him in the hospital and rehab for the past 11 weeks, said he’ s ready to give his yearly speech.

“We are still working on the tone but it will focus on education, transportation, development and other issues that will move us along in 2013,” said Menino.

When asked if there are any bombshells in this year’s address he joked “You never know”.

“Sometimes my staff doesn’t know what I might say in the middle,” said Menino. “It drives them nuts.”

Menino said he and the people if Boston have a lot to be proud of and this year’s speech will reflect that.

“I’m proud of what we have accomplished in 2012,” said Menino. “It has laid the groundwork and foundation for more accomplishments this year.”

This latest health scare for the mayor had some with political aspiration counting out Menino for another run for in 2015. Part of Menino’s strength over the years was the ability to hold a grueling public schedule that took him to every corner of Boston weekly.

However, Menino has begun the task of getting back into the neighborhoods.

“Can you imagine me in bed for two months…give me a break,” said Menino about his time cooped up. “The thing I missed the most is getting out there and being with the people of Boston. I’m pacing myself, going to physical therapy everyday at 4 p.m. but I’m starting to get back out there.”

While he didn’t say whether or not he’s running again, the tone of this year’s State of the City will surely give some clues. But with his illness behind him, a city to lead before him and a new lease on life, Menino looks and sounds better than ever.

And that just may be enough for one last term.

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