Henry Bear’s Park To Open in Charlestown: Popular Boston-Area Toy Store Expands to Trendy Hood Park in Charlestown

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Shopping in Charlestown is about to get a little more playful! Children’s toy and gift store Henry Bear’s Park has set up shop in the retail space at 500 Rutherford Avenue. In a time where many brick-and-mortar businesses are closing their doors due to online competition, Henry Bear’s Park’s presence in Charlestown marks their ninth location as they continue to grow in neighborhoods throughout New England. Owner Kas Sharma attributes this staying power in an increasingly digital age to a carefully curated product selection and a unique experience offered within the walls of the toy store. 

“We do the work of sorting through all the junk out there to offer only the best playthings and fun stuff to our customers, and I think they trust us to make those choices. They know they’re getting a quality gift that is going to really wow the person they’re buying for without the overwhelming digital hunt. Plus, our physical stores are more than just retail spaces. We’re a place where families come and hang out, and we consider ourselves a part of the community more than anything. We host events; we have all kinds of games and demo toys for kids to try out and play with. We work hard to create a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone.”

A family-owned business since 1976, Henry Bear’s Park has been a favorite kid-stop for all things play, serving Boston area families for over four decades and enjoying a loyal customer base that spans multiple generations. “We are excited to become a part of such a vibrant community in Charlestown,” remarked Sharma. “When we first discovered that the space was available at Hood Park, we instantly saw this as a great opportunity. The area is going to be really cute, and with several schools and family friendly housing nearby, we think we’ll be a good fit for the community.” 

“The addition of Henry Bear’s Park to Hood Park furthers our goal of bringing well-run local retail options to our community and developing a space that offers something for everyone,” said Chris Kaneb, Vice President of Catamount Management and Manager of Hood Park LLC. “We are committed to cultivating inclusive, multigenerational experiences in Charlestown – Henry Bear’s Park is a welcomed addition to the Hood Park campus.”

For more information on Henry Bear’s Park, visit their website at henrybearspark.com, or stop in at 500 Rutherford Avenue to check it out for yourself.

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