Where Is That Russian “Rebel” Army?

Two weeks ago, the news headlines were all about the supposed attempted coup by Yevgheny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner group, who reportedly was marching his 8000 man army to Moscow. But since then, both he and his army have all but disappeared. Well, maybe we’ve been watching too many of those mini-series shows on Netflix and the other streaming channels, but we hope that U.S. intelligence agencies are tracking this guy and his army — because it wouldn’t surprise us if Putin and he have planned some sort of subterfuge, a ruse, by which they will launch a surprise attack on Ukraine from Belarus or somewhere else in the north of Ukraine. And if they do, the U.S. and NATO will need to be ready to send in our air support to bomb the Wagner advance (technically, they’ll be bombing the private Wagner group, not  the Russian army), because if the Ukrainians are caught flat-footed, Prigozhin could be in Kyiv within hours

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