Coletta Opposes Project in Charlestown Navy Yard

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District 1 City Councilor Gabriela Coletta, citing the opposition of many Charlestown residents, has announced her decision not to support the plans that call for a permanent and affordable housing project on the site of the former YMCA Constitution Inn in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Coletta has called for the project to “go back to the drawing board.”

More than 250 residents recently attended a meeting that was hosted by the Charlestown Neighborhood Council, with many expressing their strong opposition to the proposal, which calls for the creation of 120 units of housing. Since the project was unveiled in October of last year, many residents have expressed a lack of trust in the proponents of the project, who had sought to waive the Article 80 process, thereby precluding much of the community’s input.

Coletta sent her letter of opposition to Karen LaFrazia, President & CEO of St. Francis House.The following is the letter: 

“Dear Ms. LaFrazia:

“The project known as Helm on Third proposed by St. Francis House and the Planning Office of Urban Affairs in the Charlestown Navy Yard has faced strong opposition from a majority of the Charlestown community since preliminary conversations began in October.

“As District Councilor for Charlestown, it is my duty to ensure my constituents’ voices are listened to and amplified in my advocacy. “This level of opposition warrants an indefinite pause and an entire reset for a proposal that works for all communities involved to achieve truly affordable housing.

“I am grateful for the robust changes St. Francis House has made over the course of their meetings with local residents. While your offer to appear at another community meeting is in line with where the pre-filing process stands at this time, based on overwhelming opposition from my constituents, I cannot support this proposal without completely going back to the drawing board.”

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