CNC Special Election Feb. 4

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The Charlestown Neighbor-hood Council Special Election to fill several seats will take place in-person on Saturday, February 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Boston Police Station, Community Room, 20 Vine St., Hayes Square, Charlestown.  Updates about the election or election date, if any, will be posted on the CNC website and social media accounts.

“This is a rather complicated election compared to all those in the past since we had the precinct “relocation” and are now voting for at-large candidates as well as new precinct candidates. Most importantly though, we have a very impressive slate of candidates running for office and we should all be proud that so many of our community members have stepped forward and do care and want to be involved.” said Barbara Van Duzer Babin, Election Committee Chair.

There will be ballots available on election day for the three contested elections: At-large, Precinct 6, and Precinct 8. No voting is required for Precincts 3 and 4 since each had one uncontested candidate who will be seated as council members at the February 7, 2023 general council meeting.  No nominations were submitted for Precinct 7. 

Any current Charlestown resident who is 18 years or older is eligible to vote in the Special Election.  Eligible residents may cast a ballot in a precinct election only if they live in that precinct; however, all eligible residents may cast a ballot in the at-large election.  Residents who are not registered to vote must bring a picture id with their Charlestown address on it. No proxy or absentee votes will be accepted. 

The candidates for each open seat are listed below.  Candidates were invited, but not required, to introduce themselves to the Charlestown community by providing a photo and candidate statement for the Council’s webpage. Information about the candidates can be found at  


• Crystal Galvin, 58 13th St, Unit 155

• Johanna Hynes, 26 High St.

• Pippa Nava, 4 Salem Street Avenue 

• Kelly Tucker, 16 Tibbettstown Way

• Tom Ward, 37 Bartlett St.

• Jean Wilson, 11 Sullivan St. #2

Precinct 3: 

• John (Jay) Driscoll, 18 Harvard St. Unit #1

Precinct 4: 

• Ameeth Deenanath, 8 Lexington St. #2

Precinct 6:

• Philip Cappadona, 29 N. Mead St.

• Kelli Gillen Forbes, 8 Saint Martin St.

• Ross Wilson, 31A Belmont St.

Precinct 8:

• Mary Catherine Boucher, 47D Old Landing Way

• Betty Carrington, 129 Bunker Hill St. #1003

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