Letters to the Editor 9-15-22

Question 1 is such an important ballot initiative

To the Editor,

The past month without Orange Line service shows why Question 1 is such an important ballot initiative for us this November. Charlestown has been that much more of an island thanks to reduced transportation options while the Orange Line is closed. While the T should be safer and more reliable once it reopens later this month, we can’t return to the status quo, or we’ll end up in this embarrassing and dangerous situation again.

The Commonwealth needs to better fund the MBTA if this is to be a livable city—one where people can easily get to work or school and enjoy Boston’s amenities without shelling out big bucks to idle in traffic in an Uber. Voting Yes on Question 1 will help provide a long-term source of funding for the MBTA and other transportation infrastructure projects that benefit all of Massachusetts’ residents. It’s particularly vital we take action as we face a $230 million deficit in the T budget once federal aid runs out in 2024.

Investing in transportation will help those of us in Charlestown be connected to our city again. I’ll be voting Yes on Question 1 and I hope you’ll join me.

Amy Bucher

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