Mejia, Coletta Seek Hearing on Clougherty Pool Closure

Special to the Patriot Bridge

Boston City Councilor-At-Large Julia Mejia and Councilor Gabriela Coletta offered an order for a hearing on Clougherty Pool closure in Charlestown to be held in the Government Accountability and Transparency Committee.   “The Clougherty Pool is a beloved anchor space for the people of Charlestown and serves a broad range of families in this community, especially those living in the Bunker Hill Boston Housing Authority development,” said Councilor Coletta. “Given that Boston just recorded its hottest 30-day stretch in history with six days in a row of 90-degree weather, finding solutions and resources to open up this iconic pool is paramount. I look forward to working with the Wu administration to ensure we are moving forward so that the Clougherty pool is ready for use for generations to come.”  Councilors Coletta and Mejia seek to bring transparency to the Charlestown community on what led to the maintenance decisions of the Clougherty pool, as well as to move forward in partnership with the Wu Administration and Boston Centers for Youth and Families to secure long-term systemic solutions.   “The Clougherty pool has served the Charlestown community since 1949, a tradition that must continue. The neglect of this valued community asset will no longer be hidden or tolerated,” said Councilor Mejia. “I look forward to working with my colleagues on the council, community leaders, and residents to restore the Clougherty’s vibrancy and utility.”   Highlights of the Order Include: “WHEREAS, According to the Boston Center for Youth and Families The last time this pool was overhauled was in 1988 and the 20-year filtration system installed that same year had long-since expired; and WHEREAS, Though 2.7 million dollars were first allocated in the City’s 2014 Capital Budget towards the Clougherty Pool for the rehabilitation of the pool’s bathhouse, its two pool shells, exterior pool deck, and mechanical systems, it is unclear how those funds were used to improve the Clougherty Pool since then; and WHEREAS, The Boston City Council has an obligation to ensure accountability, transparency, accessibility, over public community centers such as the Clougherty Pool, especially in regards to spending, safety, and community needs…” The Boston City Council will hold a hearing at a later date through the Government Accountability and Transparency Committee where Boston Centers for Youth and Families will be invited to testify. Members of the public are encouraged to provide written or oral comments. 

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