Lobsta Makes a Triumphant Return

On Wednesday July 20, after a three year hiatus, Charlestown’s popular “Lobsta in the Gardens” event was back, thanks to the hard work of dozens of volunteers who shucked the corn, boiled the lobsters, tossed the salad, and set the table for 100 delighted guests. A Charlestown summer staple, the event is a benefit for Gardens for Charlestown, the beloved community garden at the corner of Main and Bunker Hill Streets. The proceeds help support one of the oldest community gardens in the City of Boston, advancing its mission of greenspace preservation, education, and community. “Several times a week, I’m approached by visitors to the garden who tell me how grateful they are that we’re here, says Chris Schiavone, current President of the organization. “Especially with the ongoing development in and around Sullivan Square and the Rutherford corridor, continuing to have a beautiful place like this that’s open to the public daily from dawn to dusk is really important. But the cost of upkeep is significant, so events like this are our lifeblood.”

This year’s edition of the event was organized by a team composed of Keely Welch, David Nava, and Bette Task. They were supported in their work by Board member Melanie Cevetello. This year, the team brought back the tradition of steaming the live lobsters onsite and increased the number of seats from a previous cap of 75 to 100. In spite of the fact that it was 91 degrees in the Garden when the event began, guests enjoyed an otherwise perfect evening of food and friendship along among the 65 flower and vegetable gardens that are lovingly tended by the organization’s members. Main Street Wine and Pasta was a sponsor of the event, and both Brewer’s Fork and St. John’s Church offered valuable technical assistance. It was a true community gathering at the corner of Main and Bunker Hill streets.

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