Burke Traces Roots from Ireland to Charlestown

Leave it up to Kevin Burke to take his family ancestry to a higher technological level.

Burke has completed a 30 minute video of his family’s journey from Ireland to Charlestown and back to Ireland.

Burke as many residents might recall grew up on Mystic Street in the 1950’s and 60’s. He was active in many Charlestown organizations like Community Garden near the working theater, he received the Fred Sullivan Award from Boys and Girls Club and was involved with Charlestown Cable where he videotaped many local celebrations like the Bunker Hill Parade for more than 30 years.

Burke  recalls with a sense of great accomplishment how he had a hand in getting the community garden land was given for a $1 from the City of Boston due to his friendship with former Mayor Thomas Mennino.

Today, a New Hampshire resident, Burke has completed a video of his family’s history.  It starts in Ireland about 1,100 AD at the family’s ancestral home, Castle Connell in County Limerick. The video  tells of  his grandparents settling in Charlestown from Woburn in 1911, and renting a cold water flat on Russell Street. 

It also has photos of his mother and father who were married in 1938 at St. Frances Desales Church.  There are also recollections and photographs of growing up on Mystic Street with his siblings and friends. 

To view the free Vimeo go to https://vimeo.com/676876172

For Burke as he says “once a Townie always a Townie.”

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