Letters to the Editor

Grateful for What We Have in Light of World Events

Dear Editor,

On February 27, 2022, at 4:30 PM the power went off in the local Charlestown area (approx. 1400 customers). People were really confused as they could not just flick a switch and it’s there – electricity for TV, cooking, Internet, or lights.  And then it began to get dark, and we realize this is not a joke. There is no power nor are there generators to provide backup power. We now have a problem – one we cannot control. 

This is “real life” 2022 and it is not part of “our plan”.  But as we reflect on our current world situation, we realize we are not living in Ukraine. That country is currently being bombarded by a cruel, inhumane dictator who is devastating their lives. In the local area our power will eventually come back on; in Ukraine it may never come back and that is a very harsh reality. We, as a society, need to appreciate the benefits we have of putting on a light switch and having electricity that lights up life, the TV, and the Internet. These are gifts that we take for granted.

There is a song lyric by Joni Mitchell which goes, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” I can somewhat understand her thoughts. In my work as a chaplain, I see individuals who one day can walk and the next day they cannot. After an injury, stroke, or illness a person may have lost the skills they had before; and their ability to live a “normal” life is changed forever. 

The message for all is we need to appreciate the gifts we have, and how they impact our daily lives and one another. We are gifted to live in America with many freedoms and even to have electricity by simply turning a switch.  We all are part of the mosaic called “earth”, and contribute to the bigger picture beyond ourselves. We need to help each other whether they are next door or many miles away – they are our ”neighbors”. May we strive to live in harmony; and pray that peace will eventually prevail in Ukraine.

Michael W. Kelleher III

Red Sox Scholars

Dear Editor,

As I reflect on my academic career after graduating from Suffolk University, I can’t help but think of how impactful the Red Sox Scholars program has been in helping me get to where I am. From 7th grade to college graduation, their financial, academic and emotional support guided me in countless ways and helped shape my future.

This year, the Red Sox Foundation will select its 20th class of Red Sox Scholars. This program has become part of my identity, so I hope to spread the word for others to apply to be a part of the Red Sox Foundation Family.

The family I have created within the Red Sox have been there for me unconditionally and helped to guide me towards success. From my induction with Red Sox great Mike Lowell by my side, to high school graduation, and ending with Suffolk graduation on field at Fenway Park, these lifechanging moments have brought my story with the Red Sox full circle.

If you or someone you know is a 7th grader in the Boston Public School District or at a Boston Public Charter School, I encourage you to visit redsoxfoundation.org/redsoxscholars to learn more about eligibility and how to apply before submissions close on March 18th. The Red Sox Foundation family is looking forward to welcoming their newest class. 

Damaris Berrio

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