Enjoy a Safe Labor Day Weekend

There’s a temptation for people to splurge at the end of things. We all are familiar with the idea, “If this is the last, let’s make it a blast!”

We don’t have anything against that sentiment, but all too often that sort of mindset leads to risky behavior and tragic outcomes.

If there is nothing else we have learned after being in the newspaper business for more than 50 years, it is this: A person can do everything right and live by the book for their entire life, but all it takes is one mistake of judgment that can change everything, both for themselves and others.

Persons who otherwise might not have a drinking problem can indulge just a bit too much at an event such as an end-of-summer celebration and — presto, in the snap of a finger — they have killed or maimed themselves or others in a driving, boating, or other accident.

And then there are the problem drinkers among us who look for any excuse to “celebrate,” which means getting hammered at a Labor Day weekend gathering, instantly making them a threat to the safety of themselves and others.

However, the usual excessive partying is not the only danger we face this Labor Day weekend. The Delta variant of COVID-19 is lurking everywhere and no one — not even the vaccinated — are safe from infection.

As we are writing this, the forecast calls for a sunny Labor Day weekend with pleasant temperatures in the 70s (a welcome respite after our washouts of the Memorial Day and July 4 holiday weekends), which means that we will be able to engage in our Labor Day activities outdoors where we can socialize safely — though from a distance.

But if our festivities are not outside, all of us need to be wary of gathering indoors unless everybody is masked.

We wish all of our readers a happy — and safe — Labor Day weekend.

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