Prayer Service for US Troops Scheduled for August 23 at the Monument

Community members have announced they are scheduling a prayer service at the Monument on Monday night, Aug. 23, at 6 p.m. for the US Troops and the situation that is unfolding in Afghanistan over the past few weeks.

Aileen Gorman of All Roads Charlestown said the event is meant to encourage Troops that are serving or have recently served overseas. The event will feature a prayer service for those Troops and the situation unfolding now.

It will also be a call to encourage Troops with thank you cards to the Troops and their families. Anyone wishing to make thank you cards can drop them off at designated boxes that will be located at Starbucks, The Cooperative Bank and the Charlestown Community Center through Labor Day.

People can also include in the boxes names of their service men/women with a domestic mailing address, as all mail overseas has been stopped.

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