New England Development Shuts Down Rumors

Since the competition started between two marijuana companies looking to locate on Cambridge Street in the Lost Village section of the neighborhood, one rumor popping up frequently is that New England Development – owners of the Bunker Hill Mall – had some interest in one of the marijuana proposals and the land surrounding it.

New England Development told the Patriot Bridge this week that is not the case, and they have no ownership stake in the Heritage Club proposal at 116 Cambridge St., and are not pursuing the land around it for development.

Deborah Black of New England Development said they had conversations with the owners of the Heritage Club company early on, but didn’t pursue it any further. They are no longer involved in anything involving the proposal, she said.

“Senior executives of New England Development have had conversations with Nike John and Maggie Suprey regarding their proposal to open Heritage Club Marijuana Store and Delivery Service at 116 Cambridge Street in Charlestown,” said Black. “However, as a company, New England Development has no planned real estate or other interests with this proposed cannabis business or in any of the property adjacent to this location. As of today, no one affiliated with New England Development has an ownership interest in this venture.”

John or Suprey did not immediate respond for comment.

Those rumors had percolated as the two competing projects squared off against one another this month, with Heritage Club having a meeting with the community tonight, Oct. 29. They, however, do not appear to be accurate.

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