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Wear a Mask

To the Editor,

Recently, I was doing a power walk along the Greenway because it is one of the best walking paths in the city. I still do it often coming now from the other side of the city. This past week I noticed too many folks still going unmasked as they run or walk by me.

I have taken to doing my very own senseless survey just like on that  Boston radio show. this past week, I would say the percentage of people still not wearing any facial coverings is sadly still about 45 percent  give or take. The previous week, it was even higher so the numbers seem to be going in the right direction. I know it is all anecdotal and not scientifi, but it does show that in the East Boston community, which is the second highest hot spot for COVID-19 next to Hyde Park, too many folks are still not taking the threat seriously enough.

Hey , maybe it is because younger folk think it is uncool to cover up or something. However, what really is uncool is getting the virus.

I wear a cool cowboy bandanna and think I look real cool in it with my cool  blue-tinted aviator sunglasses and my baseball cap on backwards too.

Stay covered and stay alive and healthy because our immune system might not be as strong as you think whatever your age. On my next power walk, I will be doing my survey again and hoping to see more masks than the previous weeks up to now.

Sal Giarratani


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