Letter to the Editor

Thank You and an Invite

Dear Editor,

“Chat with a Planner,” held this past week was attended by a standing room only crowd of concerned Charlestown residents.

We acknowledge and thank the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) for commencing the planning process for the future of Charlestown, not just the Rutherford Corridor and the area of Sullivan Square, but all of the one square mile which makes up this historic and vibrant neighborhood.

Many of the residents spoke passionately about infrastructure, traffic, school capacity, transportation and health and wellness issues. And we cannot forget about density and additional building which will impact our quality of life here in Charlestown.

Many are advocating for a Master Plan with an Interim Planning Overlay District just as East Boston and South Boston have theirs in place. We are told we cannot have one. Why?

In reviewing the BPDA website, I refer to a statement which follows:

An Interim Planning Overlay District [IPOD] is a temporary zoning code adopted by the City for a geographic area which is undergoing a long-term planning or zoning process. The East Boston IPOD covers the extent of the neighborhood excluding Logan Airport and Suffolk Downs, and will be effective for the duration of ‘PLAN: East Boston.’ The IPOD will send all projects above a defined threshold to the Zoning Board of Appeals. It does not replace or change underlying zoning. The IPOD will be lifted at the conclusion of the planning process.

This is what our petition is advocating for and this is what the residents who have signed the petition [2,000 plus] want. We thank the signers and resolve to continue working with the planners from the BPDA to work together for orderly and responsible building.

We invite the BPDA to continue listening to the community by joining us as we do pop-up petition signings around the neighborhoods. We certainly have heard the residents and thank them for sharing their stories. They give us the energy to continue advocating for our one square mile.

Call to Action : Be engaged, your voice matters.

Sign the petition

Email Mayor Walsh or text 311 to say why we need a Master Plan [IPOD].

By all of us working together, we can create the best possible outcome for the Charlestown community.

Ann Kelleher

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