Charlestown Hosts Impossible Dream Vessel for Summer Tour

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network once again sponsored the vessel the “Impossible Dream” to come to Charlestown as part of its East Coast Summer Tour.

The Miami-based vessel is the world’s only purpose-built, wheelchair-accessible catamaran, making it completely accessible for persons with disabilities as a universally designed ocean-going catamaran. It allows people of all mobilities to enjoy the freedom and peace that can come from being on the water.

Upon arriving from New York City for the July 4, holiday, the crew welcomed patients from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital of all ages and abilities to enjoy a cruise of Boston Harbor out of the Charlestown Marina. In addition, area leaders such as Lois Siegelman and Michael Parker from Friends of the Charlestown Navy Yard, Dave DiLorenzo from Courageous Sailing, Spaulding President and Charlestown Resident David Storto, Commissioner Kristen McCosh, Disability Commission City of Boston, and State Rep. Dan Ryan enjoyed a sail and learned about the Impossible Dream’s mission.

“To see the smiles of our patients and those from our community who thought they’d never be able to enjoy the water on a boat again because of their disability is incredible and so powerful. All of us at Spaulding are so proud to be able to bring this remarkable vessel back to Charlestown,” said David Storto, President, Spaulding Rehab. The Impossible Dream last visited Charlestown as part of Sail Boston 2017.

The Impossible Dream will continue its Summer 2019 East Coast Tour with a stop in Newburyport next week and wrapping up in Maine in August.

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