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Harvest on Vine had quite a year in 2018. In addition to our 24 scheduled food distributions, we ran the following events: Easter ham distribution (400 spiral hams), summer cookout (350 people attended), Thanksgiving turkey baskets (serving 720 families in miserable conditions), Christmas hams (420 spiral hams) and Christmas breakfast at the Harvard-Kent School (150 families). We also ran two fundraisers, one at the K of C, the other at the Navy Yard Bistro. All of these efforts were successful. I am grateful to you for making this happen.

I also appreciate your monetary support. Your generous donations gave us the means to offer a first-class food pantry to our clients. Each family receives about seven days’ worth of food each month.

In 2019 we hope to do more.

Thank you,

Tom MacDonald


Mystery writer Tommy MacDonald had scheduled an appearance at the Charlestown Branch of the Boston Public Library for January, but it has been cancelled for now. His latest book “Murder in the Charlestown Bricks” is out now, but Tommy apparently got word that Dermot need Tommy’s help with his latest caper. Tommy answered Sparhawk’s call for help and immediately headed to Logan for a flight to an undisclosed location. Tommy, like Dermot, has gone off the radar.

I haven’t even finished “Murder in the Charlestown Bricks,” and it appears another investigation is already under way. Sparhawk is one busy private eye who seems to be always on the road doing another.

I emailed Sparhawk when I heard Tommy had cancelled his upcoming library event. It must be a big case when Tommy gets pressed into service on a case. Derm likes working cases alone, so this one must be pretty big. He did tell me he’s still wearing his Kangol scally that each of us bought down at the hatter shop in Downtown Austin on Congress Avenue. He says he loves it.

As soon as I know more, I’ll let you know right here in Townie Tidbits. Hey, just thought of something, maybe next time Dermot needs help, I can join Tommy and him since I am retired law enforcement, right?

When Tommy gets back, I am sure the library talk will go on again.


The Charlestown Post Office has posted a sign down at the Bunker Hill Mall saying they are open until further notice. It appears the mall’s ownership is in talks with the federal government over the post office’s exit date from the mall.

I am thinking talks could be pretty protracted after all the Feds always have the upper hand when it comes to evictions. Remember back in the 19th century the Sioux, Apache and other tribes tried to evict the blue coats and were never successful.

Looking around this local post office, I’m not seeing any boxes getting packed. Good luck to the Bunker Hill Mall folks; they’ve got a better chance of making it rain than kicking the U.S. Post Office to the curb.

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