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Dear Editor,

Does anyone at City Hall listen to the people they serve?

It seems our voices in Charlestown fall by the wayside.

For many years, through emails and face-to-face conversations, I have been asking the Deputy Commissioner of the Boston Transportation Department to please help us out in Charlestown with our traffic congestion and the unsafe conditions we face due to constant gridlock.

Perhaps he does listen, but neglects or feels it unnecessary to meet with the residents of Charlestown to work together and come up with some creative suggestions and ideas to deal with this traffic issue. We are the ones that navigate and depend on our roads for safety, to get to work, school and appointments in a timely fashion.

It does matter that someone listens and responds.

Recently, before a Zoning Commission, the residents of Charlestown presented 650-plus signatures to the Zoning Commission against the Hood Park’s proposal to build up to 275 feet. As many of us testified at the podium our opposition and reasons for our stance, the Zoning Commission ruled in favor of granting the developer the green light to build a tower up to 275 feet.

As I was reviewing the list of the 11 board members, it appeared to me that six members are serving with expired terms. Is this legal? I inquired of the Zoning Commissioner regarding their expired statuses, he stated, “They are up to date and current.” Oh really? Up to date and current? Up to date and current means to me, within the realm of not being expired.

I then asked the Commissioner, two times if there were any openings on the Zoning Commission? No answer or response. It seems odd that there are expired terms and the Commissioner, when asked about openings, remains mum and won’t answer a simple question. 

It does matter that someone listens and responds. 

We in Charlestown with a population of 17,000 residents, are looking at a bump in population to 24,000 residents, in one square mile, with the current building plans. We realize that there are 13 more parcels that can be developed.  “We the People 02129” will continue our efforts to ensure that Charlestown does NOT become a mass of towers with a mass of people. 

Unfortunately, this administration is sabotaging the quality of life for the residents of Charlestown as well as the residents of Greater Boston. Their priority is build and build some more.

It does matter that someone listens and responds.

Ann T. Kelleher

Friends of the Charlestown Navy Yard 2019 Annual Membership Drive

Dear Editor,

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FCNY is an independent, non-profit civic organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors to the Navy Yard while preserving its historic character.

Friends of the Charlestown Navy Yard

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