Charlestown Sees 22-Percent Drop in Part One Crime from Last Year

As the summer of 2018 was drawing to a close, Charlestown was experiencing a 22-precent drop in violent and property crime from last year.

According to Boston Police, 208 incidents of Part One crime were reported between Jan. 1 and Aug. 19 in Area A-15, compared with 267 during the same timeframe the previous year.

No homicides were reported this year or last while the number of rapes and attempted rapes jumped to four from three last year.

The rate of robberies and attempted robberies spiked more than 56 percent as the number climbed to 25 from 16 in 2017.

On the other hand, domestic aggravated assaults saw a minor decline as the number dropped to nine from 10 last year.

Non-domestic aggravated assaults were also down slightly as the number fell to 28 from 29 the previous year.

The rate of commercial burglaries remained the same, with three incidents a piece reported this year and last.

In contrast, residential burglaries were up nearly 32 percent as the number rose to 25 from 19 the previous year.

No other burglaries were reported this year, compared with three last year.

Larcenies from motor vehicles declined 28 percent as the number fell to 36 from 50 the previous year while other larcenies were down nearly 33 percent as the number dropped to 70 from 104 in 2017.

Auto theft saw an approximately 73-percent decrease as the number fell to eight from 30 last year.

Citywide, Part One crime has seen a 4-precent decrease so far this year as the total number fell to 11,330 from 11,741 in 2017.

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