Hood Park to Begin Meetings Again on Its Development Plans

Shortly after being called to submit further, detailed steps in the state environmental regulation process, the Hood Park developers will begin a new round of community planning meetings for its campus on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

Last month, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton issued a letter calling for a mandatory filing of Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), which is a detailed study often required within the state environmental regulatory process.

Beaton’s letter and comment letters attached to it detailed numerous items that were to be further studied.

Some of the key topics were limiting greenhouse gases from the project, looking at reducing parking, and – as always – generating a detailed traffic study.

“The Transportation Impact Assessment should provide a comprehensive assessment of the transportation impacts of the project,” the letter read. “I strongly encourage the proponent to consult with MassDOT prior to filing the DEIR to ensure the study is consistent with MassDOT requirements…A seven-year planning horizon should be used for the analysis. Future traffic conditions should incorporate background growth due to nearby planned development projects and an overall annual growth in traffic volumes.”

Another key concern came from MassPort.

Not only was the agency concerned about the potential height of buildings due to the flight paths, but also it was concerned about how traffic might affect its railroad right-of-way on D Street and its commercial tenants at the AutoPort.

“As an butter to the project, MassPort’s primary interest is in understand how phased implementation of the Master Plan would impact MassPort’s ownership and long-term use of the Mystic Wharf Branch Rail Right-of-Way, including so called D Street, as well as any impacts to commercial truck traffic serving our tenants at the Boston AutoPort,” read the letter.

On the height, MassPort advised not to forget about air space.

“In addition to…future traffic and transportation issues, airspace limitations should also be considered,” read the letter.

The meeting on Sept. 12 will take place at 6 p.m. in the community center at Mishawum Park, 95 Dunstable St.

The meeting is to show updates to the campus development plan and to discuss the outdoor gathering spaces, restaurants and retail ventures.

“As we continue through this process, we are seeking your input to help make Hood Park a resource for all of Charlestown,” read the announcement.

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