Anyone Want a SuperDuck? Vehicles for Former Company Coming Up for Sale to Public

The owners of the former SuperDuck company, which was based out of Charlestown’s Little Mystic Channel and is now out of business, are looking for anyone who would like to purchase the former vehicles.

The amphibious vehicles are ocean-certified, and have been sitting, wrapped on a parking lot by the Little Mystic for the past couple of years.

John O’Donnell of Diversified Auto in Charlestown said they are actively looking for buyers for the five vehicles that are sitting on the lot.

“We operated the business and weren’t making any money with it, so we shut it down a few years ago; the operating costs were just too much,” he said. “We are looking for buyers of the equipment now…We went back to the people who helped us build them to see if there were any companies who might want them. Hopefully we’ll find someone soon.”

Unlike the Boston Duck Tours that use World War II-era vehicles only approved for the Charles River, the SuperDucks are more durable and approved by the Coast Guard for the ocean.

The difference, he said, is they sit deeper in the water.

The minute they find a buyer, he said, the SuperDucks will no longer be there on the Little Mystic.

“We do hope to identify a buyer very soon,” he said.

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