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The Engine 50 Birthday celebration was great a few weeks ago thanks to so many folks who made it happen, especially the energetic Julie Hall, who now presides over the Charlestown Historical Society. Over at the Bunker Hill Museum there is now a display case set up for visitors showing artifacts of Engine 50 over its 100 years of service to Charlestown. Check it out.

Now it will be on to another project of mine, the 1961 Charlestown Potato Shed Fire. Another part of the Town’s history also with a fire connection. Anyone out there with photos or memories of the sheds or May 10, 1962, contract this column at [email protected].

I’ve talked to many of these past months and learned more than I had previously known. We need to move the monument to the Potato Sheds to a better viewing spot in the Town for all to see, reflect and remember its history of commerce to Charlestown’s life.



Last we heard of Spenser, he was living upstairs in an apartment at the corner of Main Street and Monument Avenue above a yuppie restaurant.

The gumshoe then left town, I guess got caught up in some trouble and is now going free. Will he be coming back to Town or have the real estate prices gotten too high even for him. And whatever happened to Hawk, too?

Anyhow, if you haven’t heard Mark Wahlberg is bringing Spenser back to the screen in an upcoming movie. They had an open casting call looking for tough looking Boston guys so off course I headed over to Boston Casting in Allston by the Pike. Turned in my photo glossy and a waited an email saying I’m just what they’re looking for. What by the way is a Boston guy I don’t really know. The line was long when I arrived on Braintree Street. Jumped into it and was surrounded by a bunch of “Boston guys.” Many were from New Bedford  which means they must be Fake Boston Guys, right? They all were sturdy looking, but spoke Portuguese  with one another. I on the other hand wore my Charlestown football T-shirt and fit right into the long line of wannabes.



Cookie took the summer off and will return next month. Her show CHARLESTOWN & BEYOND in its relatively short time on the air has become must TV for the Town. Great topics, great guests ( myself included), great old photos  from Paul Lane. Cookie is just the right person for the job, too.

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