Super Bowl, Playoffs Bring Found Business During Slow Season

If there’s one thing that all restaurateurs in Charlestown, and citywide for that matter, can agree upon, it’s a great big thank you to the New England Patriots.

That’s because the Super Bowl runs and NFL playoff jaunts over the last several years – including the big game this weekend – have brought significant business to establishments at a time in January and early February when business is usually slower than owners would like.

This weekend’s Super Bowl spectacular looks to be yet another reason for people in the Town to hit up local establishments and businesses – whether going out for the game or ordering in.

At the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce, they said that having the Patriots do so well – or any other Boston sports team – does provide local businesses with extra opportunities.

“Any time a local sports team can extend out their season it does provide more foot traffic to local places that offer a viewing experience,” said James Lister of the Chamber. “Maybe we take it for granted around here because an extended Patriots season has been somewhat of the norm for the past 18 years, but those extra games definitely help to get people out of the house and into local restaurants and bars during a time of year when the weather would otherwise keep people home. It’s a great way to fill the gap when foot traffic from the Freedom Trail may be decreased due to the colder temps.” In the Navy Yard, things can get rather lonely during the winter when the temperatures drop, but owners of Pier 6 in Charlestown and Reel House across the Harbor in Eastie said the football successes really help drive early-year business.

“During the first few months in Eastie and in the Navy Yard, the restaurant business slows down a lot along with the rest of the Navy Yard, especially when we have Blizzards or cold weather,” said Sal Boscarino. “Definitely the success in sports helps. Even with the Celtics doing so well, that all helps. We’ve had great crowds for the Divisional games and the AFC championship. We’re looking to bring in some partners and some fun stuff for the Super Bowl, too. It all helps to get people more excited and come out. Even an extra 15 people coming in to the bar can help make it a much better day.”

On Main Street, at Monument Restaurant, co-owner Damien Donovan and Manager Lauren Whelan said the entire football season helps them, but certainly the January playoff games and the Super Bowl really bring great business to the restaurant and the catering business.

“The Patriots have certainly helped us, especially throughout the season at our Sunday brunch,” said Donovan. “Being a slower time of year after Christmas, that’s why the Patriots post-season runs really help us. For us, we’re still in our infancy as a restaurant here, so having the Patriots be so successful really helps. During the playoffs, on the bar side every single person has been there to watch the game, but on the dining side not everyone is there for the game. On the Super Bowl, we expect that every single person will be coming to watch the game, even if it’s just to take in the commercials.”

Due to the Super Bowl run this year, Whelan is heading up a catering menu for Monument so that people can have their food at home during their own parties.

“Now that we’re a year into business and the Super Bowl is happening again, we are doing a catering menu,” said Donovan. “So, if you’re watching the game at home, we can cater it for you.”

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