YMCA to Hold Event on Jan 24

For 10 years, the Charlestown YMCA has been serving our community.

Youth development, healthy living and social responsibility is what the Charlestown YMCA has been promoting throughout the Charlestown community for a decade.

After being founded in 1917 to serve military families only, the Charlestown YMCA was acquired by the YMCA of Greater Boston in 2007. With that change came an expanded focus as well as additional programs that have touched every corner of the Charlestown community.

Pete Kershaw joined the Charlestown YMCA shortly after moving into the community in 2004 and served as chair, board of advisors, from 2013 through 2015. A few years after joining the Charlestown YMCA, Kershaw noticed changes, all of which were positive improvements to the facility within the Constitution Inn on Third Avenue in the Navy Yard. He also noticed more community outreach, which is why he got involved as a volunteer.

In 2007, approximately 500 membership units belonged to the Charlestown YMCA. Each membership unit represents an individual, couple or family. Today, nearly 3,000 membership units belong to the Charlestown YMCA. That growth of about 500 percent is due to the Charlestown YMCA putting people first, listening and serving our unique community’s needs, and inspiring hope for the future.

Whether it’s the Teen Program, a second home for adolescents, the Dennis McLaughlin House, a shelter for women in transition, the Shriners Hospital for Children partnership, a temporary home for patients and their families, or Swim Lessons, a way to build confidence in children, the Charlestown YMCA is so much more than a place to work out. And, to make the Charlestown YMCA available to all in the community, membership rates are discounted for those less fortunate.

Very shortly, the Charlestown YMCA will begin its 11th year serving the community. Leadership at the Charlestown YMCA is provided on two fronts. First, Andrea Wilk, as the paid executive director, and second, by Alex Robinson, as the volunteer chair, board of advisors. To celebrate 10 years of service to the community and to launch 2018 in a big way, a Community Kick Off Party is planned for Wednesday., Jan. 24, at Blackmoor Bar & Kitchen in City Square.

The Community Kick Off Party is designed to showcase the Charlestown YMCA, increase awareness of the Charlestown YMCA, and raise funds to support the work of the Charlestown YMCA. Sponsoring this event is Stop Loss Insurance Brokers Inc., whose president and founder, Denise Doyle, served on the Charlestown YMCA board of advisors from 2012 to 2017.

All proceeds from the event stay in Charlestown to support local programs and enable discounted membership rates.

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