Police Briefs 11-09-2017

Charlestown Beat


10/23/17 – As a result of a drug investigation in the area of Green Street, three individuals were placed under arrest charged with possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute.

Assault and Battery

10/25/17 – A victim on Austin Street reported when she confronted a woman who she believes stole some items from her place of business, the suspect punched her in the chest. A surveillance video of the incident is available, and will be investigated.

Burglary – Residential – Force

10/25/17 – A victim on Cordis Street reports unknown person(s) lifted a bedroom window open, entered the home and stole various pieces of jewelry. Detectives will investigate.

Assault and Battery

10/28/17 – As a result of a dispute over a fare between a cab driver and a customer, a physical confrontation ensued, during which both parties claimed they were assaulted. Both parties will be summonsed to Charlestown Court for assault and battery.


10/28/17 – A victim reported while she was sitting on the steps at Walford Way, an individual stole her phone. The victim knows the suspect, and the matter is under investigation.


10/31/17 – Officers in the area of Bunker Hill Street placed an individual under arrest for an outstanding federal probation-violation warrant.


10/31/17 – A victim on Carney Court reported unknown person(s) stole a package delivered by Amazon to his building.

Burglary- Residential – Force

11/02/17 – A victim on Cambridge Street reported unknown person(s) forced the front door to her apartment open, entered and stole electronics and jewelry. Detectives will investigate.


11/02/17 – A victim on Main Street reported as he exited a local store, two suspects, who are acquaintances of his, forcibly removed his wallet and took $100 cash. The suspects then fled the area.


11/03/17 – A victim on Eighth Street reported unknown person(s) removed and stole all the items from his storage locker in the building. Management and police are investigating.


11/04/17 – As a result of a drug investigation in the area of O’Reilly Way, three individuals were placed under arrest for possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute.

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