Water Main Work on Medford Street to Continue Next Summer as Well

By Seth Daniel

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) said this week that major water line work on Medford Street would likely stretch through all of this summer and into next summer as well.

The major project is one of several throughout the City to replace major water lines, and the Medford Street project is being done by subcontractor RJV Construction. The project began in mid-May, but now it looks like it’s going to last a little longer than expected – into next year as well.

“We’re replacing the water main from Bunker Hill Street to Chelsea Street on Medford,” said Irene McSweeney of BWSC. “Right now, we’re at 10 percent complete. We’re working our way from the rotary towards the high school. It appears at the current rate we’re working, we will be needing to come back next spring to complete the project. It is a very complex project.”

She said they will continue working through November, and she expected the contractor to reach the high school by the end of the construction season. In April 2018, they would return to take the work all the way to Chelsea Street. That should take about half of the construction season, she said.

McSweeney said the BWSC has done a testing of the water mains in the area, and prioritized those that needed larger repairs. It seems Medford Street was on the hit list.

She added that there would be some sewer replacement work – which is usually more time consuming and complicated because it is the lowest pipe buried under the streets – on Medford Street from Bunker Hill to Short Street.

  • Other work by BWSC this summer will include replacing an 8-inch water main on Ferrin Street by the elderly housing, from Bunker Hill Street to the end. That will also include some drain work on the street.
  • The biggest and most watched upcoming project, however, includes major sewer and drain work on Main Street from Pleasant to Monument Streets.

McSweeney said that contract had just been awarded, and there isn’t yet any schedule of work.

She said work would likely begin on that project next year.

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