Letter to the Editor

Commenting on LaMattina’s Op-Ed

Dear Editor:

After reading Councilor LaMattina’s op-ed I went to One Charlestown’s web site.  The photos certainly are beautiful — development photos almost always are, as they invite you to envision what doesn’t yet exist. While there’s no dispute as to the need for upgrade, beautification and safety in the Bunker Hill Housing Development, the statistics accompanying the proposed project are alarming. For example, as the number of units increases from the current 1,100 units to a projected 3,200,  what also increases is the need for 2,000 additional off-site parking spaces. Right now there are residents who drive around Charlestown after a day at the job looking for a parking space. Where are 2,000 additional parking spaces going to be found? It is also projected that daily vehicle trips in the area would increase from the current 7,648 to a projected 21,995. Doesn’t that turn Bunker Hill Street into a kind of a highway? What about the noise level? What about the added air pollution? According to the development plan, the highest structure in the development would increase from the current 32 feet to a projected 240 feet.  That’s a building with  21 stories. In Charlestown? I’m sure we all want the best for our lovely town. We all want to be included.  There’s no question that the Housing Development residents deserve better.  But the question seems to be: Is this project, as it is currently drawn up, the best way to go?

Helen O’Neil

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