One Charlestown Developer Says Comments, Concerns to be Addressed When Process Resumes

By Seth Daniel

Developers of One Charlestown said this week that they have not seen or been invited to comment on the “alternative plan” unveiled by Charlestown resident Sy Mintz last week, but that they have been getting input all over the Town and are excited to share their new plan later this month.

A new “alternative plan” came from architect and planner Sy Mintz or Putnam Street.

Mintz was an architect on the Corcoran project at Harbor Point, and helped to save several of the old Boston Housing Authority buildings that were part of the old Columbia Point Housing Development. Mintz began working on his alternative plan in October at the behest of numerous community members, and said last week that it leans heavily on saving several of the old Bunker Hill Housing buildings, and on reducing density on the site by relocating some housing on the opposite shore of the Mystic Channel.

One Charlestown developer Corcoran said they haven’t seen Mintz’s plan, but they have their own plan and it has changed since review was halted in December by the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA)

“Although we have not seen or been invited to comment on the plan, we have been meeting with various people in the community over the last several weeks and been incorporating their comments and concerns into our plan,” read a statement from One Charlestown. “We look forward to discussing our plan with the community once the Article 80 process resumes at the end of the month. Although it has not been used much in Charlestown, the Article 80 process seeks community input throughout an extensive process that is designed to address all concerns.”

The development review delay of One Charlestown came in December and was to last 90 days. It expires at the end of this month, on March 31.

New meetings with the developer and the BPDA are expected to kick off in April.

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