Police Briefs 10-20-2016


Investigate Property

10/11/16 – Officers responded to Concord Street, where the caller informed them that her home had been broken into over the past weekend.

At that time, she said she saw someone had tried to gain access to her home once again by opening the windows on the first-floor porch, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Evidence was recovered from the scene, and will be processed by the detectives.

Disturbing the Peace

10/13/16 – Officers responded to Pleasant Street for a person causing a disturbance.

Police were able to locate the suspect, and despite numerous requests to quiet down and leave the area, he continued to loudly challenge officers to try to fight him. At this point, the suspect was taken into custody. Drugs were also found on his person, and he will be charged accordingly.


10/16/16 – Officers responded to Baldwin Street for a report of a person checking car doors.

As a result of the subsequent investigation, an individual was placed under arrest for larceny. The suspect also had several items from the thefts in his possession, as well as several outstanding Somerville Court warrants charging breaking and entering


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