Rhalimi Takes His Message to Voters in Suffolk County Sheriff’s Contest

Alex Rhalimi has been talking to voters across Suffolk County since he turned in nomination papers for the September 8 Democratic Primary.

“I’m running for Sheriff because I can do the job and do it for all the people of Boston, Revere, Chelsea, and Winthrop,” said Rhalimi. “As a founder and CEO of my own company, overseeing every aspect of operations including the budget and personnel management, I’m prepared not only to oversee the more than $110 million Sheriff’s budget, but also to provide leadership to the men and women of Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department who care, safeguard and rehab the people in custody.”

Rhalimi is passionate about serving the county. He holds a Masters of Criminal Justice from Boston University, and is certified in Law Enforcement, Legal Studies and Court Process. “I am confident and ready to use my Criminal Justice expertise to lower mass incarceration and increase treatment and re-entry methods.”

Today, all citizens of Suffolk County stand at a crossroads. Suffolk County needs a Sheriff who can develop trust through our community and can work tirelessly to lead us into the future.

Rhalimi fully understands that this office is not about who has the most endorsements by officials or entities. The office is about all of the citizens we serve in each and every neighborhood; the office is about providing all of the citizens with a law enforcement agency that they can participate in and that they can trust and be proud of.

The office is about providing all citizens with a law enforcement agency that is responsive to our needs and committed to improving the quality of life for all. There should be no barriers dividing our community from our law enforcement officers, says Rhalimi.

“My office will be open to communicate and listen with everyone and to spirited debate regarding issues that concerns us, I speak four languages, important for communicating directly with Suffolk’s diverse communities.”

“As Sheriff,” Rhalimi continued, “I’ll oversee people in custody many for drug related offenses. These people will be returning to the community. They’ll need addiction treatment, mental health counseling, job connections, and family support. I intend to provide them the help they’ll need to make it in life and not come back to the jail time and again.”

“As your next Sheriff, I will take this agency and this community into a new era of true community policing and progressive correction in which law enforcement is truly engaged in eliminating the conditions that create an environment in our neighborhoods which cultivates crime. Together, as Suffolk County Sheriff and all parts of our community will come together to solve problems in a proactive manner. We will open our minds to new ideas, think outside of the box and join forces with resources in each and every part of our community to reduce the underlying problems that create crime and blight.

This office needs a man who does not just speak in empty catch phrases, but a man who has the trusted experience for our future and the vision, a man who can listen to lead. To the citizens of Suffolk County: I promise to give you a Suffolk County Sheriff you can trust, and I assure you that I am the only candidate who has the trusted leadership experience and expertise.”

I am asking you for your vote on Thursday September 8th in this very important election.

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