CNC Holds Election for Seven Precinct Seats

November 19, 2015

The Charlestown Neighborhood Council Precinct election of its seven precinct seats was held on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at the Area 15-A Police Station in Hayes Square.

The following candidates elected from each precinct are as follows:

Precinct 1:   Judy Brennan,  28 Washington Street

Precinct 2:   Dave Whelan,   23 Ferrin Street

Precinct 3:   William Galvin,  49 Monument Square

Precinct 4:    Karson Tager,  260 Medford Street

Precinct 5:    Richard McCarthy,  249 Bunker Hill Street

Precinct 6:    Tera B. Lally,  1 Wall Street

Precinct 7:    Lisa M. Collins,  415 Bunker Hill Street

It was a well attended election and a very close race for precinct 4 with Karson Tager winning over Laura Dzioray by only a few votes.

These candidates will be seated as councilors for the next 2 years at the January 5, 2015 Neighborhood Council meeting.