Police Briefs 09-24-2015

POLICE/COMMUNITY MEETING: Meet the police & discuss public safety issues on the last Wednesday of every month at the police station, 20 Vine Street, at 6:00 p.m., 2nd floor, community room.

POLICE RELATED INFO: Contact the District A-1 Community Service Office at 617-343-4627.

REPORT DRUG DEALING: Contact the District A-1 Confidential Drug Line at 617-343-4879.

CHARLESTOWN POLICE STATION: Contact at 617-343-4888.

RESERVE THE COMMUNITY ROOM: Contact Christine Vraibel at [email protected].

Burglary – Residential

09/14/15 – Officers responded to Chappie Street for a call stating a victim and witnesses were holding a suspect.

Upon arrival, officers were informed by the victim that the previous evening, he had confronted the suspect in his home after a rear window was forced open. On this occasion, the suspect fled the scene.

The victim located the suspect at a later time on Chappie Street, where the suspect brandished a knife. The victim, along with several witnesses, were able to disarm the suspect and hold him for police. The suspect was taken into custody and will be charged accordingly.

Disorderly Person

09/17/15 – As a result of a dispute on Walker Street, an individual was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Robbery- Attempt

09/19/15 – A taxi driver reported while he was parked on Main Street, a male approached him from the rear of the cab and tried to pull him out through the driver’s side window. There was also a second suspect by the passenger side door.

The victim was able to drive off, and nothing was taken at this time.

Burglary – Residential

09/20/15 – As a result of a radio call for a report of a breaking and entering on Bunker Hill Street, officers learned a white male had placed a ladder against the side of a building and entered the rear kitchen window. Money and jewelry were taken from the apartment.

Detectives are investigating.


09/20/15 – A victim on Bunker Hill Street reported that he leaned his bike, described as an older grey 10-speed, against a wall unlocked outside a store and went inside. When he came back out, the bike was gone.

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