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   I just returned from my annual vacation to America in Austin, Texas and picked up a copy of the July 24 Patriot-Bridge and was shocked to read the story on Joe Shadroui and the teri8ble accident he had on Main Street getting whacked by a car.  His injuries are serious and he faces many hurdles ahead of him coming back from it all.

   I have known Joe and everyone else at the florist shop for many years. Bunker Hill Florists has become a part of Charlestown’s history.  The whole Town is praying for Joe’s full recovery. He is a man who helps provide so much beauty to the local landscape. He is hurting now and needs our prayers and support.

   I also read Father Jim Ronan’s commentary right next to Joe’s accident story and saw a connection. As Father Ronan stated, “If we are alive and we love, we have to pray” for ourselves and for others and at this time for Joe Shadroui.

   I was always told that love heals and that the power of prayers heal. Take the time in your busy day to stop and think of Joe, take the time to pray for his recovery, take the time to think about our lives and what life means to each of us.

   When I think of Joe, I think of all those beautiful flowers that thanks to him has lifted up the spirits of so many others so often.

  I believe we are all connected in this life to one another and when one of us hurts, we all feel the pain. We are all members of the one human family.

    Charlestown sends all its love to Joe Shadroui!

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