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The headline in last week’s Charlestown Patriot Bridge, “Senseless murder shocks community” seemed horrific just to read. Charlestown’s peace was shattered on the night of Wednesday, November 5 when two kids ended up being shooting victims.  Reportedly,standing on Main Street, they ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were reportedly set upon by two gunmen. Ryan Morrissey was fatally shot and a friend was shot.

When these kinds of violent attacks take place, the entire community suffers with the families involved. I can not begin to understand how young Ryan’s parents feel over the loss of a child. These kinds of things should never happen.

Ryan’s family surely were comforted by the large number of mourners who showed up at Carr’s to pay their respects. The line started at the funeral parlor and ran all the ways down Elm Street to the High Street entrance to the Bunker Hill Health Center.

A young life has been lost, a promising future came crashing down in the gunfire that erupted on a busy street in the darkness of night. As I continue to pass the site of the murder and the sight of the street corner memorial, the gathering flowers symbolize the love that the community had for a member of the community whose young life ended so brutally.

We all know that over the decades and generations, many members of the Charlestown neighborhood have had their lives snuffed out in acts of violence. Families pick up the pieces and attempt to carry on their lives but the all the consoling they receive from friends and neighbors is never enough to end the pain of a missing family member. Days pass by, turn into months, then years but the pain never departs. It remains an empty hole in the hearts of families and the community family.

Just to make this point. My mother’s family suffered such a tragedy. My
mother lost an older brother now almost 80 years ago. He was found dead in a Main Street doorway. His killer or motive never found or uncovered

Forever, my mother remembered this brother of hers who was 20-something at his death.
Ryan will be remembered and loved by his family. He will always be a part of his family and forever when he is remembered, there will be wonder of what could have been.
Life is a gift and we need to cherish it and we cannot always understand why things happen but we know by faith that Ryan Morrissey will never die as long as he is remembered.

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