Crime Down in Charlestown

Half way through the year and overall Part One crime is down 10 percent in Charlestown with homicides, robbery or attempted robbery, burglary or attempted burglary, and larceny are all down when compared to same time period last year.

From January 1 to July 27 2014 there have been 27 less incidents of Part One crime when compared to last year.

However, a look at the stats show that vehicle theft and rape has increased. There was one homicides during this time period in 2013 but none so far this year in Charlestown. There were 19 robberies last year by this time but only 15 this year. Aggravated Assault was down 29 to 26, burglary was down 26 to 19 and larceny was down from 190 to 165. However, there have been three more rapes in Charlestown when compared to last year up from 1 to 4. Overall there were 255 Part One crimes, down from 292 which reflects the 10 percent decrease.

In his message to the community, District A-1/15 Captain Kenneth Fong said, “District A-1 is filled with much history in such places as the Boston Common/Public Gardens, Faneuil Hall,Freedom Trail, Bunker Hill Monument, and many other locations. We also welcome the business community and tourists who flood our streets and bring energy to the city. Our officers work diligently at providing a safe environment for all. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you where the history of our nation began.”

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