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Action needed on splash pad

Dear Editor:

I am writing this message to request some action regarding the splash pad that was installed recently in Ship Yard Park. This is the 1st season the Splash Pad is in operation. It was designed for children to enjoy in the warmer months. I attended a few meetings last year as plans were being developed for the OK from the city, neighbors and local folks, to move forward and build/install the Splash Pad. At one of the meetings I attended, specifics were discussed as to the working schedule of the Splash Pad, its maintenance and how it would function and fit into the overall design of life here in the Navy Yard.

The concept of a timer to regulate water usage and hours it would actually be available for use was part of the discussion. Having a schedule, during the sunlit hour for the facility to be enjoyed with a timer that shuts off the water at dusk seems like a logical responsible plan. It has come to my attention, and others in the Navy Yard, that the water is left on until all hours of the night. I drove into the Navy Yard to my home on 8th Street 2 nights ago at 11:50 pm and the water was still on and there were young people hanging around in the Splash Park area. This is a problem on so many levels… We already have an issue with Skateboarders skating in the park well into the midnight hour over at the fountain. The Shipyard park is for all to be enjoyed, ambient noise during the day is to be expected, but this sort of night time activity should not be expected..

I would like those responsible for the timer of the water feature in the Splash Pad and maintenance of both the Splash Pad itself and the fountain area to take note of these issues. We should have a safe, comfortable park to enjoy.

Mark Manley

The Patriot-Bridge contacted The Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services and we were told that the city is aware of the problem and water times will be adjusted.

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