CHS Artworks on Display Monday

On Monday night (June 16), Charlestown High School is opening up to the community, hosting a grand Student Show Art. Featuring artwork by students from the high school, the Edwards Middle School, the Warren Prescott, the Kennedy Center Child Focus, the Harvard Kent, and the Charlestown Nursery School, this Student Art Show displays the talents of many Charlestown youths. All community members are invited to attend this Student Art Show, which will be held at Charlestown High School (240 Medford St.) from 4 to 7 PM on June 16.

Charlestown High School will also be participating in the Road Race, Bunker Hill Day Parade, and Street Fair. In the past, Charlestown High School has not been particularly involved with these Charlestown Pride Week events. However, over the course of this past school year, Headmaster William Thomas began working with Charlestown residents and community members to form an organization called “The Friends of Charlestown High School.” Everyone involved in this organization saw a clear need for there to be more engagement between the high school and the surrounding community. And what better way than through Charlestown Pride Week?

So be sure to be on the look-out for Charlestown High School students and staff. And if you’re free, swing by the Student Art Show on Monday afternoon.

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