Charlestown’s Dentaquest Foundation Recognized at Health Summit

The DentaQuest Foundation in Charlestown was recently recognized for its service in oral health by the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA), National Dental Association (NDA), and Society of American Indian Dentists (SAID), at the first-ever Multicultural Oral Health Summit.

The philanthropic organization committed to the improvement of optimal oral health is headquartered on Medford Street, servicing the Charlestown community. At the 2012 Multicultural Oral Health Summit, key industry leaders in oral health were brought together. They exchanged ideas on oral heath solutions, collaborated on how to better promote oral health, and planned for the future.

DentaQuest was honored for providing grant funding to support the work of the multi-cultural dental associations as they develop strong national leadership to advocate for optimal oral health among under-represented populations. Ralph Fuccillo, President of the DentaQuest Foundation, declared his vision in a statement released by Amey Owen of DentaQuest.  That vision included increased access, quality oral health services and improving oral health for everyone.

A few of the issues discussed over the weekend-long conference (held in Boca Raton, FL) were multicultural challenges for healthcare, oral health progression and the media and multicultural massaging for oral health. Each discussion was hosted by a speaker, one of whom was Joan Y. Reede, MD, MPH, MBA, associate professor of medicine and dean for Diversity & Community Partnership at Harvard Medical School.

During the media session, the Ad Council previewed its new national campaign emphasizing the importance of brushing two times a day for two minutes at a time with fluoridated toothpaste. “Attendees are now armed with recommendations and strategies to meet the needs of their diverse populations, and with methods for effectively communicating these needs to large-scale audiences,” read the press release.

If Charlestown residents want to be informed of more oral healthcare solutions, they can pop into DentaQuest at 465 Medford Street #150 or call  (617) 866 1818.

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