Charlestown Parking Regs Up for Discussion

Charlestown’s parking regulations are going to get a solid once over now that the Neighborhood Council has announced it will be hosting a meeting to discuss what is perceived as one of the most important zoning regulations.

The CNC earlier this week announced its September agenda.

To be discussed, among others, is the regulation which requires one off-street parking space per unit for each new single family unit in a project. This regulation stands for projects with up to three units, according to the CNC Development Committee.

One of the rubs of this zoning regulation is that it allows a developer or homeowner to install curb cuts causing on-street parking spaces to be removed without input from the community or higher review.

The CNC meeting is expecting to review these parking by-laws and are hoping the discussion will lead to a joint meeting between the CNC and the Boston Redevelopment Authority. This might potentially lead to a review and changes made by the City of Boston Zoning Commission.

There are many possibilities – should the law remain as written? Should there be community input before a curb is cut? Should changes be made on a case by case basis? Should the requirement be changed from a parking space to a first floor garage?

Also to be discussed by the CNC is the 40 Warren Street garage project.

The Warren Street project has galvanized the interest of abutters and as a result, the project was scaled back last year following a spate of meetings, including a BRA meeting.

The height and density of the apartment project were questioned, leading to the developer agreeing to changes in the building design so as not to disturb the views of long time abutters who had complained.

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