Youth Link and Charlestown

An event organized by Youth Link and held here last weekend that drew hundreds to the Corey Street basketball court in the Bunker Hill Public Housing Development could be the beginning of a much more meaningful relationship if Youth Link’s Matthew Swartz has anything to do with it.

Youth Link aids at risk youth from over the precipice. It turns at risk youth around. It give at risk youth a chance when without the Youth Links of this world, that chance might not materialize.

We urge Swartz, a highly respected youth organizer and mentor for many years, to seek out relationships here with CHAD and with the wide variety of directors of programs available at Charlestown High School.

Together, Youth Link, and Charlestown community activists and organizers here can do much to turn the tide for at risk youth and to give them meaningful options to pursue in their lives. By doing so, crime takes a step back ands success takes a step up.

We thank Matthew Swartz for putting on a wonderful show last weekend in the Corey Street basketball court.

Perhaps this could be the beginning of much bigger things to come.

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