Election 2011: Murphy Returned; Flaherty Denied

The big surprise of Tuesday’s election was former city councilor and mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty.

He was not returned to office. Voters throughout the city, and in Charlestown, voted more for Council President Steven Murphy than for former councilor Flaherty.

“I am pleased and humbled with the results. I am grateful to all my friends in Charlestown for their support in this election. That support means a lot to me. I will not forget it,” Murphy told the Patriot-Bridge.

Ayanna Pressley received 37,506 votes as compared to Arroyo’s 35,465, Connolly’s 32,803 and Murphy’s 26,712.

Flaherty polled 25,790 votes, showing uncharacteristic weakness when so many who had previously supported him predicted a much better finish.

Flaherty said he was proud of the effort that he made and that he would continue to fight for what is right for the City of Boston to be a better place.

Charlestown City Councillor Sal LaMattina received 4158 votes.

He had no opponent.

“I want to thank each of the 4158 Charlestown voters who gave me a vote. It meant so much to me to receive such a good showing in such a light turnout,” he told the Patriot-Bridge.

Boston produced an approximately 18 percent turnout with 62,971 voting out of a possible total of 347,353.

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