The Election

The Patriot-Bridge does not endorse candidates for public office.

However, that does not stop us from feeling pleased about election results.

We are pleased that Council President Steven Murphy kept his seat and that former city councilor and candidate for mayor Michael Flaherty is not going to return.

This isn’t about disliking Flaherty who is a polished, professional guy who was trying a comeback.

It is about noting the good work of Murphy and it calls attention as well to the difficulty of returning to yesteryear for Flaherty.

That didn’t happen for him. He tried. He lost. There is no shame in losing.

Congratulations to Murphy, who is a real friend to this neighborhood.

The topping of the ticket by Councillor at Large Ayanna Pressley signals the dramatic rise of a young, articulate, attractive, intelligent woman within the context of the very competitive Boston political world.

Many had counted her out. Many more said she would do well. In the end, among those looking towards the future, many were touting her as a possible mayoral candidate in the next go around.

In order to achieve that status – of mayoral candidate – Ms. Pressley will need to gain in stature as well as in leadership terms among her fellow councilors.

The big question is, can she rise to that new stature required to take on someone like Mayor Thomas Menino?

Will she work hard? Will she make the right decisions? Will she gain the type of support one needs to even rise to the pretension of thinking she could run for mayor?

All of this right now is speculation.

She has topped the ticket but that’s about it, frankly.

Turnout was lower than expected.

All the councilors at large were returned.

There was no race in Charlestown, where our city councilor Sal LaMattina ran unopposed.

On a brilliant, warm and beautiful late fall day, or early winter, however one chooses to view it, many had expected a giant turnout and the possibility of mischief with outcomes that would surprise all of us.

In the end, not much has changed for Charlestown voters.

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