Charlestown Preservation Society Announces Two $1,500 Student Scholarship Awards in 2011

Charlestown Preservation Society “CPS” is committed to the preservation of historic buildings and landmarks that make Charlestown a unique and important repository of our national heritage.  CPS has also sought to demonstrate that historic preservation and economic growth can harmoniously co-exist.  The Society has worked to ensure the vitality and quality of life in Charlestown as a community.

The Society, in keeping with its mission, granted two $1,500 Scholarships to:  a high school senior who lives in Charlestown and a high school senior attending Charlestown High School who does not live in Charlestown.  The merit-based scholarship grants are awarded to the senior candidates who submited the most original and creative short essay on the topic, “How Charlestown has influenced my Life” The essays have been judged by three Charlestown CPS selected judges and the monetary awards will be applied to the 2011-2012 academic year of the selected college.

The two winners are: Yun Man who resides in Boston and attends Charlestown High School and Leisa Loan who resides in Charlestown and attends Boston Latin School.

The two scholarship winners were presented with their awards at the CPS Annual Meeting on June 23 at the Stovepipe Gallery.

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