Sports 03-31-2011

Bobby D. anniversary Mass

Debbie DeCristoforo, Bobby’s sister, would like to pass the word in Charlestown that the first Anniversary Mass for Bobby D. will be held on Saturday, April 16 at 4 p.m. at St. Stephen Church on Hanover Street in the North End.

Peter Looney Playground

On Saturday, April 30 at 10 a.m., there will be a dedication ceremony at the playground on Union Street (adjacent to the hockey rink) to officially name the park in honor of Peter Looney.

Peter has spent most of his adult life working tirelessly to improve the quality of life in our community, most notably through his work with the Charlestown Against Drugs program, and he has been a staunch advocate for most any worthwhile “Townie” cause.  Congratulations Pete!

Nate Hurwitz tourney

Attention basketball lovers!!!  The Nate Hurwitz Tourney is currently in progress at the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club gymnasium and features some of the best high school teams in the state, including Charlestown High School.  The tourney, which began in 1929, is the oldest amateur basketball tournament in the world and has been a proving ground for a plethora of former legends (e.g., Patrick Ewing, Dana Barros, King Gaskins, Ronnie Perry, Chuckie Chevalier).  The semi-finals are slated to take place on April 4, and the finals on April 11, and there is no cost to attend the games.  You can contact gym director Derek Gallagher at 617-242-1775 for any information about the tournament.

Don’t be “left out” of Little League draft

For those who haven’t already done so, it is urged that players interested in participating in the Charlestown Little League program register as soon as possible.  The coaches will be holding their annual draft in the beginning of April and only registered players will be eligible for selection to the teams.  For further information, please contact Dave or Sharlene Cahill at 617-242-5564.

Honor Roll call

Congratulations to East Boston High School’s McKenzie White for becoming a member of the National Honor Society…Boston University announced that Alexander Beram received his Master of Business Administration degree and Stephen Doherty received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree.

Help keep me in the “loop”

If you know of a “Townie” who is participating in a spring sports program at any level (lacrosse, track, tennis, softball, golf or baseball), please E-Mail me at [email protected] with the information and/or photographs and I will be sure to include them in a column.  I’d also love to hear about any honor roll students or scholar athletes, or just about any story which would recognize the accomplishments of past and present “Townies.”

“Townies” sports update

Congratulations to Boston Latin junior sensation Conal Lynch for his selection to the 2011 Herald All-Scholastic hockey team.

Sibling Rivalry

As far as I can recall, my older brother Denny has kicked my butt in every activity we ever engaged in.  It didn’t matter the game or circumstances, I always lost.  Ping pong, chess, table hockey, flicking cards, rummy, basketball, billiards, checkers, Monopoly, bucking up, hangman, heck, even when we flipped a coin he always won.

If we both bought a pack of Topps cards, Denny would usually get an edible slab of gum and Hall of Fame players (Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, et al), while I’d receive journeymen (e.g., Paul Blair or Rick Monday) and a stale piece of gum that would crack into a dozen shards; when we’d pour a bowl of Lucky Charms, he’d get twice as many marshmallow pieces as me; if we each shot off a bottle rocket, his would go higher and explode louder; Denny’s Cracker Jacks box always had more peanuts and a “cooler” prize; his Malo Cup card numbers were inevitably higher than mine; and his toothbrush, of course, had more bristles.

My only solace in this “Groundhog’s Day” existence was to do what any other younger brother would do, that is, be the biggest “pain in the butt” as humanly possible.  If Denny left a candy bar or can of soda unattended, I’d eat or drink the rest; if his bed was made, I’d unmake it; if he was in the middle of a game of chess, I’d move the pieces around; if he was watching TV, I’d turn the channel; and, yes, I’d steal the French fries off of his plate when he wasn’t looking.  I really showed him a thing or two.

As a father of six children, I’m observing the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” scenario play itself out all over again, except with more technology.  My older sons show no mercy towards their younger brothers in any activity, video game or otherwise, and the younger ones resort to torturous pestering, pushing every “button” until a sibling’s brain short-circuits.

For the record, I apologize profusely to Denny for all the unimaginable and unnecessary emotional duress I subjected him to when we were kids; it is truly a miracle he allowed me to live.  Henceforth, I resolve to do everything in my power to prevent my older sons from experiencing the same obstreperous torment from their little brothers, emphasizing to each of them the importance of fair play and that winning isn’t everything.  Wish me luck!

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