Former City Councillor Chuck Turner Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

-By Joshua Resnek

Former Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner

Former Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner was sentenced to 3 years in prison Tuesday in Federal District Court.

US District Court Judge Doulgas Woodlock said that Turner had betrayed the public trust and he ridiculed Turner’s blatant perjury, labeling it as surreal and ludicrous.

Turner, who has repeatedly made the claim that he is an innocent man, was scolded by Judge Woodlock.

“Someone like Mr. Turner who undertakes to speak truth to power must face the truth about himself,” Woodlock said. “If it had been just a $1000 bribe unaccompanied by false statements to the FBI and without ludicrously perjurious testimony, we’d be in a different place.”

Judge Woodlock said Turner was unable to confront the ugly reality of the federal crimes he committed.

Although Turner’s lawyer said he was going to appeal the sentencing, Turner must give himself up on March 25.

Turner and his supporters have tried to make a connection between his sentencing and race.

“Assistant US Attorney John McNeil said in court, “This case and the government’s recommendation have nothing to do with race.”

Judge Woodlock made it clear.

“He took the money and he kept it,” he said. “You should remember it,” he said to Turner. “Anybody would remember it.”

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