Girls U-10 Division 2

By Allison Godfrey

Medford 5, Charlestown 3 — The GU10-2 final match on Saturday Nov. 6 against Medford proved to be one of our most exciting matches of the season.  It seemed as if everything the girls learned over the course of the season came to fruition.  The team, led by captains Clara Reed and Quinlan O., had an outstanding offensive lineup made up of Jolie D., Lucie K., Clara R., Quinlan O., and Alta G., and an equally outstanding defensive lineup that included Alexis B., Juliette L., and Maggie G.  Katie E. had her best performance ever in the net, throwing her body on every ball that came her way.  With the score 3-0 Medford towards the end of the first half, Jolie D. got the ball, attacked and scored our first goal.  The second half proved to be even more challenging  than the first, since we lost Jolie D. and Maggie G. who had to go to a swim meet.  The offense, led by Quinlan O., Katie E., Lucie K., and Clara R. never ever stopped running and attacking, and the defense, led by Juliette L. and Alta G. worked their hardest to block Medford.  Alexis B. was powerful in the net, even sitting on a ball to prevent a goal.  With the score 3-1, Lucie K. persisted in getting through Medford’s defense and scored our second goal.  With the score now almost tied, our offense continued to attack and our defense continued to block, and Quinlan O.took a shot on goal and scored.  In spite of all the hustling and only one sub in the second half, Medford scored two more goals, so the final score ended up 5-3 Medford.  Coaches Shayne and Allison were tremendously proud of their team’s performance.

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